Market Services

ABSPerpetual provides investors, financial institutions, regulators, rating agencies and other market participants with comprehensive data and reporting on the Australian securitisation market.

Benefits of ABSPerpetual Market Services:

  • Detailed access on almost all public RMBS and ABS issues in Australia
  • Standardised, comparable and transparent market data
  • A range of transaction and pool level reporting tools
  • Access to RBA reported data for repo-eligible securities
  • Issuers are provided with secure technology infrastructure, an easy web-based uploader, comprehensive validation rules and tailored configuration of data fields for public and private data distribution

Market Coverage

40 issuers 300 trusts 100,000 p.a
unique ABSPerpetual website activities
80,000 p.a
transaction views

As at January 2017 based on Perpetual’s internal data analytics

ABSPerpetual Market Services Subscriptions:

Service Description




Real Time Data Feed
Payments Data / Bond Factors (NEW!)1
Daily feed of payments data and bond factors

Current RBA reported Data (NEW!)1
Daily feed of public RBA transaction, security, loan level data and post code summary report for the current month including the VBA waterfall model and pool reporting where available.

Historical RBA reported Data (NEW!)1
Data package of historical RBA reporting dating back to June 2015. Please enquire if interested in Data for periods prior to June 2015.

Website Features & Access

Access to RBA reported Data (NEW!)1
This includes loan level, security level, transaction level, pool level, cash flow waterfall model, post code summary and related data.
Up to 3 Months Up to 3 Months
Up to 1 Months
Access to ABSPerpetual Reports Up to 12 Months
Up to 12 Months
Up to 3 Months

Conditional Prepayment Rates (CPR)

Pool Prepayment Reports

Key metrics including CPR, SMM, opening and closing balances, principal collections and weighted averages. 

Detailed time-series statistics

Loan statistics
Losses and claims information: summary information on loan defaults, property foreclosures and claims to mortgage insurance providers to track delinquencies

Custom portfolio
Ability to create multiple portfolios of securities to quickly and easily monitor existing investments and compare and assess prospective investments.

Email alerts
Ability to setup automatic email notifications based on user defined conditions, e.g., bond factors < 10%, payment dates and the exercise of clean-up calls for securities within your portfolio(s)

Export reports
Reports can be exported to MS Excel for analysis.

Access to information memorandums, prospectuses and offering circulars

Access to Issuer documents compiled by the Trust Manager

Security summary
General security parameters such as ISINs, bond factor and payment information

Transaction summary
General transaction parameters, bond factor, upcoming payment and arrears information

Pool performance statistics
Comprehensive time-series data on residential mortgage pools including arrears, LTV and seasoning concentrations for ongoing surveillance

1 RBA Reports are available only upon issuer consent, see our FAQs for more details. 

How to Subscribe

To find out more or to subscribe to Market Services contact us at

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