ABSPerpetual Frequently Asked Questions

ABSPerpetual FAQ's

Perpetual Corporate Trust

Why has ABSPerpetual been upgraded?

From 30 June 2015, RBA implemented new repo-eligibility criteria for asset-backed securities (this includes RMBS, CMBS and other ABS). They have requested information providers to submit a single XML file per deal, per month containing loan level, security level, transaction level, pool level, cash flow waterfall model and related data. The RBA require information to be submitted to them with non-sensitive data to also be made publicly available. Perpetual as an information provider is assisting issuers to meet the reporting requirements to submit data to the RBA and make information publicly available via ABSPerpetual.

More information on the new requirements can be found on the RBA’s Securitisations Industry Forum.

Are the existing ABSPerpetual reports still available?

Yes, all existing reports and functionality will still be available. However, with reports now running from a standardised data set, the quality and accuracy of the reports will be improved.

How do I log-in to see the reports?

Existing subscribers can login by clicking on the Market Services Login button at the top right-hand side of the screen with their existing login details. A user manual is available to navigate the new site.

New users please contact us

What has changed?

From September, data reported on ABSPerpetual only includes the RBA data set.

For RMBS, this includes:

  1. Transaction level data
  2. Security level data
  3. Loan level data*
  4. Cash flow waterfall data
  5. Pooled postcode summary report*
*data only available for public market transactions

For OABS, this includes:

  1. Transaction level data
  2. Security level data
  3. Pool level data
  4. Cash flow waterfall data

The changes mean improved transparency of the securitisation market by delivering standardised, transparent and comparable data.

What data is being reported on ABSPerpetual?

Please see links below to the description of the RBA reported data fields and redacted data fields.



How do I access CPR values?

Conditional Prepayment Rate (CPR) values are available to Silver subscribers via the below reports:

  • Pool Prepayment Report button on the  Transaction List screen
  • CPR button under the Portfolio Index screen
  • Pool Prepayment Report via the Pool drop down menu
  • Transaction Summary screen
  • Pool Statistics (ZIP file) download via the Transaction Summary screen

What do the new Perpetual RBA standardised data templates look like?

Please see below links to download sample data templates.

RMBS Data Templates
> Transaction Level [CSV] 
> Cash Flow Model [XLS]

Do you still have access to historical data?

Historical data currently reported on ABSPerpetual will remain unchanged, with Silver Subscribers able to access up to 12 months of historical data.

Is the full data set reported?

No. Certain fields will be masked or redacted for privacy such as postcodes or other information which may identify borrowers. Individual issuers may also choose to mask additional data fields relating to their securities to address further privacy concerns or commercial sensitivities.

Access to RBA reported data will only be granted upon issuer direction. Subscribers wishing to gain access to data, must contact the issuer in the first instance to request consent. If you need further information, please email investorreporting@perpetual.com.au.

Will all Australian securitisation transactions be reported?

ABSPerpetual will continue to report transaction summary, transaction payment information, bond factors as well as issuer documentation related to transactions for Australian marketed securities.

However, as a consequence of the RBA’s reporting requirements and Perpetual's redevelopment of ABSPerpetual in line with these requirements, we will be requiring issuers wishing to publish securities data (and associated transaction reporting) on ABSPerpetual to submit their data via the Perpetual RBA standardised data templates.

The standardisation of submitted data allows ABSPerpetual to validate elements of the data, which will improve the quality of published data.

Data for securities which are not submitted in the standardised template cannot be reported on ABSPerpetual. This may result in data for a small number of issuers/securities no longer being published on ABSPerpetual.

For these securities, ABSPerpetual will likely still report transaction summary and transaction payment information, as well as issuer documentation related to these transactions.

Please see below list of issuers for which Perpetual acts as the RBA Information Provider for*:
RMBS Issuer
Adelaide Bank
Australian Finance Group (AFG)
AMP Bank
Bank of Queensland
Beyond Bank
Commonweath Bank of Australia
Columbus Capital
Credit Union of Australia
Heritage Bank
IMB Bank
ING Bank
Macquarie Bank
Members Equity Bank (ME)
MyState Bank
National Australia Bank
Newcastle Permanent
Peoples Choice Credit Union
Pepper Home Loans
P&N Bank (Police & Nurses)
Police Bank
Suncorp Bank
The Rock Building Society
Westpac Banking Corporation
Auswide Bank (Wide Bay)
OABS Issuer
Bank of Queensland
BMW Finance
Macquarie Leasing
Westpac Banking Corporation
*as of 19 August 2015